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Updated ORK Release

Posted August 20, 2007

ORK Logo

McNelly SoftWorks, LLC is proud to announce the release of the first major update to our flagship product - Official’s Record Keeper (ORK).

This updated version adds the following enhancements and new features:

  • Reports – We have added a bunch of reports to this version. You can print detailed printouts of Game, Expense and Location details plus print any view in almost any manner
  • Sticky Views – When you make a change to the layout of a view (games, locations or expenses) those changes stick until you reset the view back to its default setting; even if you leave the program. You can now make the ORK data views look the way you want them and they will stay that way
  • Backup Utility – Many users were regularly backing up their ORK Program folder not realizing that they were not getting their data files as well. Since the program allows multiple users to use ORK on the same system, each user’s data files are stored in a special location created by Windows for each user. The new backup utility we added to ORK allows a user to backup their data to the ORK folder under the current user’s My Documents folder in Windows
  • More default program options
  • Enhanced keyboard input

The update is free for all customers.

Official's Record Keeper Released

Posted August 15, 2005

ORK Logo

McNelly SoftWorks, LLC is proud to announce the release of our flagship product - Official’s Record Keeper (ORK).

Are you tired of manually managing your assignment calendar, tracking fees and payments and managing other aspects of being a sports official? If you are like most sports officials, you probably use a variety of systems to:

  • Track your game assignments using either a paper-based or computer-based calendar
  • Track payment for the contests you have officiated either in a spreadsheet or on your calendar along with your game assignments
  • Track contracts by placing some symbol on your calendar indicating that a contract has been signed for a particular contest
  • Track game reports by making photocopies of the reports and filing them away somewhere
  • Flip through your calendar pages every year in order to determine how many contests you officiated at what level so you can re-register for the next year, request an upgrade or prove qualification for tournaments

Official’s Record Keeper (ORK) is an affordable software tool for sports officials that manages all relevant information; making it easier for you to know where you have been, where you should be going, how much you’ve been paid, how much you’re owed and what happened during each of your contests.

ORK Is not a software product for assigners; it’s designed to help sports officials maintain a complete record of all officiating related information.

The program runs on any Microsoft supported version of Microsoft Windows (Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003).

FormBlaster Released

Posted May 2, 2005

FormBlaster Logo

McNelly SoftWorks, LLC is proud to announce the availability of our first commercial software product - FormBlaster.

FormBlaster is a sort of mail merge utility for email communications. If you are familiar with doing a mail merge in a word processing program – you know that with a normal mail merge you take some sort of data source such as a spreadsheet or database and merge it with a word processing document, using fields from the data source to populate fields on the word processing document. If the data source was a spreadsheet containing a list of members of a community organization, the word processing document could be a registration form for an event or membership renewal form. The mail merge allows you to create a document you can print that contains a separate section for every member; once the document has been printed, you can then stuff each member’s section in a separate envelope and mail them off to your members.

The program runs on any Microsoft supported version of Microsoft Windows (Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003). The document merge capabilities of the program support Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word formats.

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