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What Now? The Essential Guide for New Soccer Referees

McNelly SoftWorks is proud to be the publisher of John M. Wargo's first book: What Now? The Essential Guide for New Soccer Referees.

This book is for new Soccer Referees. If you want to become a Soccer Referee and you do not know how to get started or if you just completed your first Referee clinic and you want to know what to do next, this book is for you! You will find information here that covers all everything from finding your first clinic all the way through your first game and season. You should be able to read this book from cover to cover and learn everything you need to know as you start your career. You may also come back to this guide periodically throughout your career and find new things that can help you.

From the author:

"As I prepared to retire from a 23-year career of Soccer officiating, I started thinking about all of the great experiences I had during my career and how much I learned during that time. Since I spent many of my years as an official training new Referees, I knew a lot about what was being taught to entry-level officials and about what it was like working games at all levels.

Because I spent many of those years training new referees, I know that when people decide to become a Soccer Referee they often do not know how to get started. One of the biggest challenges for new Referees is figuring out how to get the proper equipment, how to locate local Referee associations or how to hook up with assignors to get games."

This book does not contain any discussion of the Laws of the Game; it is designed to be a supplement to the materials that do.